Here’s a checklist to understand why you’re unable to login your RDP and troubleshoot any major problem

1. Check your internet connection. So first of all, be sure that you’re connected to the internet!

2. Verify all usernames and passwords. Another small mistake that happens usually, so doublecheck your login details.
    When you copy and paste user & password. Please be careful with Whitespace character ( space bar on keyboard)
    For example: User: "administrator" | Password: "******" - You pasted: "administrator_" | Password: "******_"  ( _ is Whitespace character ).

3. If you use Windows 10, when you update Windows and see the message 


Microsoft pushed the update of May 2018 to harden the security by making it mandatory for both client and server computers to have the update installed. This resulted in windows servers not accessible via RDP for many users and made many to reboot their servers to fix the issue thinking it as a server side issue. SMTPEU.COM helps you on how to fix the CredSSP Authentication error in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

What is CredSSP?
“CredSSP” or “Credential Security Support Provider Protocol” is a security support provider which helps to securely delegate user credentials from a client computer to a windows server by using TLS (Transport Layer Security) as an encrypted pipe.

Why the update?
The update in May is made to correct how CredSSP validates requests during the authentication process. Microsoft has found a credssp error in rdp and found a fix for the vulnerability by mandatory requiring to update both the client and server computer to work properly.

How to fix it?

Download file fix Error CredSSPCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Right-click and select Open File "CredSSP.bat".

Check Run as Administrator checkbox. Run as administrator option for program

Check Yes

Try to connect your RDP again.

If you can't still fix. Please contact ADMIN