Today January 26, 2023

Install Unlimited SMTP Server 30 days for you. Send 1,000,000 emails daily

I create about 5 to 10 Servers and install SMTP every day. Server is created from 1 account. That account is very difficult to register.

If 1 SMTP that spam continuously millions of emails daily for 1 month. After only a few days, the account that created the Server was suspended immediately.

1 SMTP I sell for 30$. Life time 1 day.

1 day sell 5 to 10 SMTP daily. There are a lot of SMTP for sale

If selling SMTP 30 days. Every 2 days locked and suspended. I will no longer have SMTP to sell to you

If you want SMTP use 1 month. Look for RDP that opens all ports ( IP is clear all ). I will install you Unlimited SMTP Server.

Your server lives 1 month, SMTP also lives 1 month.

If you have Ubutu Server. I can install Zimbra for you.

Today January 1, 2023

God will bless you with eternal happiness. We are all brothers. We hope the world is free of war. And everyone does good, honest work.

At the beginning of the year we opened a new service. Mass email service for customers.

We use SMTP to send you emails. 

If the message body is valid. Not blocked by spam filtering system. Inbox rate is 100% (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL ... etc.)

Price: 55$ send 10,000 emails

I'm looking for a partnership to make money. My job is mainly sending bulk emails to inbox. If you want to cooperate with me. Please contact Admin.

Contact Admin: