1. What is the rate of deliver inbox type ( SMTP Created ) ?


+ SMTP Created has a clear IP. Inbox Roundcube Domain Mail deliver rate is 100%

+ Rate to inbox private domain email is 60%

+ Rate to inbox Gmail Yahoo Aol Outlook Cpanel Office365 is 0%. However, there are some SMTP servers with good IPs. Go to Junk / Spam Gmail Yahoo Outlook Office365 ...etc

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2. How long is SMTP ( created )?


All server providers sell their servers for a month. If you buy SMTP to send bulk mail. That violates the supplier policy. If we do not delete the Server within the day. The server provider will send the report. There are too many reports. Our account will be suspended and cannot create any more SMTP. So the time to use SMTP ( Created ) is 24 hours from the time you sent the bulk mail. If you are not using SMTP. We still let the server work within 2 days

3. How many emails does SMTP ( created ) send per day ?


Bulk mailing is a violation of the provider's policy. The server can send unlimited emails. However, to avoid the account being suspended and can no longer create a Server. We only allow you to send 200,000 mails within 2 days. After you have sent 200,000 emails. SMTP will automatically be locked.

4. I want to buy the best SMTP ( Created ) possible. Is there any solution for me?


If you want the best SMTP ( Created ). There are 2 possible solutions for you to check.
Method 1: Send us a list of Email Leads. We will use SMTP to send emails to those Email Leads. Of course you will be charged a fee.
Method 2: There are many server providers on the internet. You can ask us to buy Server from many different providers with different IPs. After having identified a good Server provider. You can ask us to install SMTP Server for you.
There are many server providers on the Internet. Example: Godaddy - Rackspace ... etc

If you have more questions we need to answer. Please contact Admin: CONTATC ADMIN