1. Do you have SMTP / Webmail / Mailer sending mail to deliver inbox?


SMTP / Webmail / Mailer we have 3 types:
+ SMTP ( Created )
+ SMTP ( Cracked )
+ SMTP of large companies providing Email Marketing services ( Amazon Simple Email Service - AWS, Sendgid , Sendinblue ..etc )

The problem is that you are asking where does SMTP send email deliver inbox?
I know you're always looking for the best SMTPs. But such best SMTPs are rare and very expensive. Instead of choosing to buy the best SMTP. You should filter your email leads with weak firewall, easy deliver inbox.
SMTP ( Created ) >> I can give you thousands of SMTP per day, it's very easy to make it bulk. If you do not know how to filter the mail leads easily deliver inbox with SMTP ( Created ). You can hire me to do it.

If you want even better you can buy SMTP ( Cracked ). But this SMTP has a long-standing, reputable domain. It's easy to inbox all domains ( There are some SMTP can deliver inbox Gmail Yahoo AOL Outlook ... )
This type of SMTP is very expensive and rare.

2. How long is SMTP ( created )?


All server providers sell their servers for a month. If you buy SMTP to send bulk mail. That violates the supplier policy. If we do not delete the Server within the day. The server provider will send the report. There are too many reports. Our account will be suspended and cannot create any more SMTP. So the time to use SMTP ( Created ) is 24 hours from the time you sent the bulk mail. If you are not using SMTP. We still let the server work within 2 days

3. How many emails does SMTP ( created ) send per day ?


Bulk mailing is a violation of the provider's policy. The server can send unlimited emails. However, to avoid the account being suspended and can no longer create a Server. We only allow you to send 200,000 mails within 2 days. After you have sent 200,000 emails. SMTP will automatically be locked.

4.  I want to send millions of emails a day. Which SMTP should I buy ?


All services that provide private server require you to create an account to create a Server. That account can create hundreds of Servers per day. If you want to send millions of emails per day with the server you created. Force you to sacrifice your account. Account is very difficult to sign up. That's why this type of SMTP is so expensive. If you need it, I will provide it for you with expensive price.

5. What kind of SMTP should I choose that is both good and cheap ?

There are many SMTP providers on the Internet. So there are many types of SMTP. To get the best SMTP you can use, there's no way you have to buy SMTP and test the quality. I have provided a list of SMTP types. You can buy and judge for yourself

6. I want the best SMTP deliver inbox all. How do I have it?


To be able to send email to deliver inbox all. You need to meet 3 conditions:
+ Server ( Clear IP ). 
+ Long-standing and highly reputable domain.
+ Emails with content that are not blocked by spam or phishing filtering systems

7. I'm using Turbo Mailer with SMTP ( Created ). Why I can only send 5000 to 10000 mails. SMTP didn't work


We have to buy Server package 1 month for you to send bulk mail within 2 days. The server's IP will be blacklisted. Use and discard. The more powerful the server, the more expensive it will be.
There are 2 causes of SMTP disconnecting when you are sending bulk email.
Cause #1: You send emails too quickly in a very short amount of time. The server is overloaded and loses connection or crashes, hangs.
Cause #2: Technology has changed. Most server installation software will block sending mail if the sending speed is too fast. Therefore, you should configure SMTP properly so that SMTP sends email continuously every day without interruption.

How to fix?
1. Buy Strong SMTP at high price
2. Configure SMTP with a reasonable sending speed so that it is not blocked by the Server system.

How to use Turbo Mailer with SMTP ( Send 200,000 emails/day with Unlimited SMTP Created ): https://smtpzo.com/content/20-how-to-order-smtp-create

7. I want to use SMTP ( Created ) as efficiently as possible. Can you share with me how to use SMTP effectively?


To use SMTP ( Created ) effectively you need to perform the following steps:

a) Filter and sort your Email Leads. Exclude all emails with strong firewall and spam filtering system, bad content ( Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail, Outlook, Office365 etc ). Buy this software Order Here

b) Configure email sending speed to slow down. So that SMTP does not suddenly disconnect. We recommend Turbo Mailer or other software that can control email delivery speed.