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Please read the text under "Attention" very carefully!

+ Our private server created SMTP has the following configuration:
          Server Location: Random Country

          CPU: 1 Core Intel Xeon
          RAM: 1 GB RAM DDR3 Guaranteed
          Storage: 30 GB SSD Enterprise
    IF you're sending mail to is getting too many emails too fast. Private server can error & hang. Please try sending again.
    If you're sending mail with Invalid Emails. The error message will return to the Email sender address. Private server can error & hang. Please contact
    support or admin to clear or reinstall your private server with fee ( $ )   

Currently google has changed the algorithm. If any server provider is involved in illegal activities or spam. Their website rankings will be reduced. 

So all server providers only allow sending mail with limited permissions. If you send mail too fast with large numbers of emails. The system will automatically hang. Please delete the sent email and continue spam.

I recommend that you don't use SMTP, Webmail, Mailer without knowing the effective method of sending mail.You should use SMTP, Webmail, Mailer is mailing speed is about 3600 mails / hour ( 84,400 mails / day ). SMTP, Webmail, Mailer can send emails continuously daily every month even a year.


If we receive any complaints or report from the server provider. That means there was illegal activity on the server. We are required to shut down your private server. There is no warranty or change with these cases.

The following activities will be reported from server provider.

+ You're sending mail to is getting too many emails too fast (ex: 30,000 mails / hours ): The server's IP will on backlist ---> Report ( No warranty or change )
   You should use SMTP, Webmail, Mailer is mailing speed is about 3600 mails / hour ( 84,400 mails / day )

+ You're sending mail with too many email not-exist ( invalid ). Bulk email returns to Server. This means that you are attacking ( Ddos ) the provider's server --> Report ( No warranty or change )

Reports from Google require the server provider to stop the server immediately. ( There are malware and viruses - phishing scam ) ---> Report ( No warranty or change )

You Have Read And Agreed  Terms Of Service

ONLINE KNOWLEDGE BASE ( You should read it before buying )

+ When you contact admin and get the following answer: " I am sorry. We can only help with our SMTP related problems, we wish we can solve all your problems
   but for other technical issues we can't help you as well, please understand. ".

   It means:  

        1. you're sending mail to is getting too many emails too fast. IP's Private server can get blacklisted. If there is any report from the supplier. We will not reply.
        2. Is the Privateserver down? Can't use? ( error or hang ... etc ). If you have sent too many mail. We will not reply. But if you dont use SMTP. If we have free
            time. We will help you.