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AutoPMTA Automated Server & Unlimited SMTP - Full DKIM, SPF, DMARC

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AutoPMTA Automated Server & Unlimited SMTP - Full DKIM, SPF

Guaranteed live: Use Over Time since delivery ( $1.7 per hour )

Life time: 1 days

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AutoPMTA Automated Server & Unlimited SMTP - Full DKIM, SPF

Guaranteed live: 24-hours

 Video: Unlimited SMTP - Full DKIM, SPF, Private Domain       Please, Subscribe to view more videos


DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an email authentication technique that allows the receiver to check that an email was indeed send and authorized by the owner of that domain. This is done by giving the email a digital signature. This DKIM signature is a header that is added to the message and is secured with encryption.

Once receiver (or receiving system) determines that an email is signed with a valid DKIM signature, it’s certain that parts of the email among which the message body and attachments haven’t been modified. Usually, DKIM signatures are not visible to end-users, the validation is done on a server level.

Implementing the DKIM standard will improve email deliverability and will protect against malicious emails sent on behalf of your domain. Though, in practice these goals are achieved more effective if you use DKIM record together with DMARC (and even SPF). DMARC and DMARC Analyzer use both SPF and DKIM. Together they provide synergy and the best result for email security and deliverability.

You will receive SMTP with the info:






You get YOUR Domain server for sending emails ( Life-time: 1 day )
We set up the server for you within 8 hrs
You get your dedicated IP address with domain
We'll not register your IP address & domain with all the major anti-spam organizations

Because of private server was not registered with major anti-spam organizations, Unlimited webmail cannot send inbox to popular email providers like: Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo...etc >> Only inbox domain mail + Go Spam Yahoo & AOL. But it can send mail unlimited

Waranty time: 24-hours

There are few reasons of the limitation of SMTP Server:
1. AMS, Turbo Mailer or Gammadyne Mailer don’t remains a stable connection with SMTP Server. It means your internet speed is low, or the distance between your computer and SMTP Server is so long
How to fix: >>> Buy RDP:
2. Open too many threads at a time: you should use 1-3 threads, 50 emails / each threads / second. It means you can send 50 – 150 emails / seconds. Please calculate the number of emails per day !.
How to fix: >>> configuration SMTP 3 thread ( 50 emails / thread )
3. Invalid Target (non-existanace emails): please validate the mailing-lists before using. If you send a-million invalid emails, the result will return to SMTP Server, the HDD will be full
How to fix: >>> Please contact admin. I will delete the sent emails from the server and now You will have more space

How to use SMTP:


When your order delived. If you feel your smtp isn't good. Don't use it ( Only send to test 5 or 10 mails. ). Please contact admin to request change server or refund.
When your order delived . If you don't want to use it. Please contact admin to cancel. If your SMTP 's expire. Not change & Warranty

Contact Admin:

Warranty Skype: |

Why is SMTP Error 452 Insufficient system storage ? >> Error during mail Transfer ( Insufficient system storage )  & How to fix ?

Please attention:

Guaranteed live 24-hours which is counted on delivery email.